Ultimate Guide to the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

What is the 360 Pet Fountain?

The drinkwell 360 pet fountain is a drinking fountain for multiple pet households. The 360 fountain features a free falling stream with replaceable charcoal filters that guarantee fresh and clean water for your pet.  The 360 fountain comes with four different heads so that you can control the stream of water.

This fountain also allows the owner to adjust the flow of water.  This fountain is also constructed with BPA free plastic and is dishwasher safe.  The lowered water line accommodates larger animals, as well as the receiving ramp helps to minimize water splashes. This patented 360 fountain will encourage your pets to drink more water.

What is a cat water fountain?

A cat water fountain can seem a bit to posh for a cat, but most cat owners do not mind spoiling their furry friends.  A cat fountain is an alternative to the common standing bowl of water.  A cat fountain is like a bowl of water with a motorized fountain inside.  A cat fountain is not designed simply to spoil cats, but it is designed to improve the health of your feline companions.

Have you ever noticed that your cat likes to drink out of the faucet? That is because cats are draw to moving water.  A fountain encourages your cat to drink more water since they are draw to the flowing of the fountain.  A fountain also allows the owner to filter the water so your feline friend will always be getting fresh and clean water.

Water fountains are typically used for cats, but are very useful with dogs as well.  Depending on the fountain, water fountains can even be useful with large breeds of dogs as well.

What are fountains for and how are they used?

A water fountain is a drinking source for multiple pet or single pet homes.  Specifically, water fountains are designed to encourage your pet to drink water.  Especially with cats, water drinking can be an issue of concern.  Cats need plenty of water to promote kidney health, and cats don’t always drink enough water on their own.  The flowing motion of the water fountain draws the cat’s interest and encourages the cat to drink more water.  Consequently, a fountain might also encourage more frequent urination.

A water fountain usually needs a power source so it must be placed by an outlet.  Depending on the size of the fountain that you select, you can place your fountain on either the ground, or on a different surface such as a counter or a table.  Fountains are typically used inside, but they can be used outside as well. Outdoor pets need plenty of water as well.

Why choose the 360 Pet Fountain by Drinkwell?

There are a multitude of fountains to choose from when trying to find a fountain that best suits your pet’s needs.  There are also many brands to choose from as well.  It can often be overwhelming trying to choose.  Pet water fountains can sometimes be pricy and you want to make sure you pick a fountain that is reliable and will last a long time.  The Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is a very reliable and well constructed pet fountain.

When you see the name Drinkwell, you know you are going to get a quality product.  Drinkwell makes a wide variety of pet fountains, and the 360 Pet Fountain proudly displays the superb workmanship of Drinkwell.  This specific fountain is very special.  This water fountain has a 360 free falling stream fountain head.  It also includes different fountain heads so you can choose home many streams you want.

The 360 Pet Fountain is a large model that is absolutely ideal for a multiple pet home. The capacity for this model is 128 oz. of water.  This model has replaceable charcoal filters so that you can always be certain that your pet is getting clean and fresh water.  The flow of the water is adjustable and the receiving ramp on the fountain helps to control water splashing.  With the 360 model, the water will stay in the fountain.

This fountain is constructed with BPA free plastic.  The 360 model is also conveniently dishwasher safe and proves to be easy to keep clean.  This model also includes a pre filter and a low voltage system.  This fountain will not run up your electric bill.

The 360 Pet Fountain also comes with options.  There is the standard model which contains five different interchangeable fountain heads. You can also choose a stainless steel model which also contains interchangeable fountain heads but does cost more money.

The 360 fountain is also easily assembled and taken apart, which makes cleaning it a breeze. It does come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, but you will probably never need it since the 360 model is a very sturdy and well constructed pet fountain.

Who should use it?

The 360 Pet Fountain is ideal for a multiple pet household, but it would also work well with a single pet household as well.  If you find yourself to be a busy person who is away from home a lot, this fountain is perfect for you.  It holds 128 oz. of water and doesn’t need to be refilled very frequently.

This fountain is perfect for any cat owner.  The unique 360 fountain head is perfect for entertaining cats and encouraging them to drink more water.  This water fountain is also perfect for a household with any cat that likes to drink out of the faucet.  This fountain can help keep your furry friend from counter surfing and encourage them to drink from their own fountain stream.

About the Company

Drinkwell is a trusted name in pet fountains.  Drinkwell makes many different models of fountains and makes many different filters, and accessories for their fountains.  The Drinkwell pet fountain was invented in 1994 by a vet named Dr. Burns.  Dr. Burns invented the Drinkwell fountain out of frustration with one of her cat’s behavior.  Buckwheat was a cat that would only drink from the faucet and Dr. Burns found that his was unhealthy for her cat since he could only drink when she turned the faucet on for him.

So she developed the Drinkwell pet fountain.  She soon discovered that many cats all across the country behave the same way as Buckwheat and hence a company was born. Drinkwell is owned by Vetrinary Ventures and they love providing pets everywhere with a healthy running source of water that’s not from the kitchen sink.


This is the best fountain ever, and I’ve looked around. I made the mistake of first buying the Petmate fountain. When I got it, it was so incredibly noisy, the cats freaked out by it, it was so loud I could not stand listening to it from the other room! Thank goodness I bought it at Amazon, because they take returns so easily. I went & spent the extra $ and bought the 360. It is extremely quiet, and the bravest of my cats went right to it to drink. It could be prettier as far as color, but it blends in fine. I have 5 indoor cats so I am happy now as I believe this is the best I can buy my babies. I also own a small pet boutique [...]and would definitely sell these if I knew could compete with Amazons best price! I think it is very well priced overall.The only thing I would love is a chocolate brown or mocha color option- the fountain’s plastic is a speckled grey on white, kind of 80′s looking!

-Suzanne Delahanty

The Drinkwell 360 pet fountain is the best out there, i have purchased 2-3 other kinds which were hard to clean, to many nooks & cranny’s. This is so easy to clean. I have 3 house cats that took to it right away. It is quite, all you can hear is the trickling sound of the water, which I think is quite pleasant. It is well worth the money. Research & Development really put some thought into this one when it was being designed. The filters run about $11.00 for a 3 pack. Manufacture says to change every two weeks, I keep mine rinsed out and use it for about 3wks, otherwise it will have some affect on the water flow.


This is a great fountain, all my cats love it. Easy to clean, nice and quiet. a great tool to get your pets to drink lots of water to keep them healthy.


I got this product and there was very little to assemble. I did have to have a electrical outlet put in where I wanted to put the fountain. Make sure you have a place to plug in the fountain. My dogs had no reservations drinking from it and my cat loves drinking from the stream coming out.


Is the 360 Pet Fountain Worth It?

Overall, the 360 Pet Fountain is very much worth the money.  It is very well constructed, and easy to maintain.  This fountain truly does encourage your pets to drink more water.  This fountain really does enhance the health and wellbeing of your pets.

The 360 Pet Fountain is highly recommended as a top notch pet fountain and if you are looking for a one, you should definitely purchase the 360 model.

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